See you next year?!

Today is Monday January 31st and I have the honor to close this 'Dry January'!

You could say it's 'over', but I would really like to say: 'it's already over'. Flown by relatively quickly and if I'm being honest it was pretty easy too. Knowing that I indicated in the previous blogs that I ran into some things. Over a whole month and the additional benefits, that was really nothing.

I sleep like a baby, I am clear and have more energy, I feel fitter and I have lost some kilos! I especially like the latter. But now, what does the time ahead look like for me?

Is it really bad that I already have a drink this weekend? I don't think so, as long as it's dosed. My intention is therefore to make conscious choices when it comes to alcohol. Now that the restaurants and the like are open again, I can have a glass of wine when I go out for dinner, but I don't necessarily have to look it up. My next goal is a summer body. Actually how I feel now, trying to hold on to that.

Knowing that if I go full throttle again and give in to the sociability with alcohol, that goal will be a tough one. I also know that I can have fun without that alcohol, so why don't you continue that more often?

Last week there was an episode on TV called 'Sip Too Much'. Still a confrontational episode about alcohol use among women. Especially the fact that drug and tobacco use is a 'problem' and nationally (isn't it globally) also seen as an addiction, but that alcohol is actually 'normal'. This while alcohol is just as toxic as other substances, and yet we find it strange if someone does not drink wine. Do 'normal' once or when you will be 'normal' again, then we can meet again. Actually crazy. Is drinking alcohol really normalized, is it part of it? Are you crazy or weird if you don't drink, are you boring and unsociable if you just have a Coke instead of a Baco?

There is great social pressure around alcohol, even though we are actually serving each other poison. No, I'm certainly not saying 'no' to alcohol, I just think it's way too good for that. Still, this episode made me briefly confronted with the word 'addiction' and problem. Do I have that? Do you have that? Denial ... a big word that almost all of the Netherlands is in. If you drink 1 or 2 glasses a day, is that normal, is that good or do you have a problem? And can you tackle that 'problem' yourself or do you need help with that?

To end my Dry January, I went on a real pub crawl last weekend. Yes, this one was completely alcohol-free. It's not the first time for me that I don't drink for a month, but I continue to amaze myself and especially others. How cozy and nothing different I am with the 'alcohol' Mariëlle. How people don't believe I lasted a whole month, but especially the support I get from everyone. Also on my social media/blog where I share a lot, so many people support me with kind words and encouragement. Crazy, isn't it, being encouraged not to drink, or is it crazy to be encouraged to eat that glass in one sitting? ; )

With all the energy I have, I cleaned up, cleaned and renovated my entire house last month. Made effective use of the situation.
So am I going to put this through to February? Am I proud? Yes indeed! Even with all those temptations, I've stayed true to myself. That is perhaps the most important of all.

I'll be back next year, will you?


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