Back to normal

No cava without bubbles, or vice versa? No cheese board without red wine or wine without cheese? Anyway, no alcohol at all this month.

Since March 2020 we have all been in a difficult position. More at home and the catering industry is more closed than they were allowed to open. A big change for everyone, which doesn't seem to change for the time being. Still, it made almost no difference for me in terms of fun.

As a (single) mother I have kept myself going by meeting friends, my own small 'safe' group. I can always fall back on these people and we support each other. Nice outings with the children, even if it is in the garden. They're happy, we're happy you might say… Yet if I'm very honest, it became more and more: they're happy, we're happy with wine!

This did not mean that I was constantly drowsy or no longer functioning, it became a habit. If this habit were now healthy eating and exercising, I would be completely fine with it, but I want to get this habit back in balance. There is always a reason for a glass of wine.

Dry January, and maybe longer, is a reset for me. Back to 'normal' for a moment. These months are always the most boring, so the perfect time. That was the motivation for me to start now, a new year. Time for more balance.
This also applies to my eating and exercise pattern. Taking the bike more, eating less bad snacks, choosing more consciously. First of all, the emphasis is now on alcohol consumption. The fact that I'm going on 'dry' this month stands for much more than that. It certainly doesn't mean I'll never drink again. I wouldn't want that!

On my own blog I have often discussed self-care/self-love and how much I value it. How I've learned this over the years. Also how I try to convince others to choose more for themselves and thus to take care of themselves. Previously I have had alcohol-free periods with a good feeling as a result. For that reset of my body, to lose some kilos and therefore ultimately for my health. I therefore advise everyone to sometimes take a moment to look(more) consciously at your way of life, your eating and exercise pattern. What can be done differently, and in some cases even what must be done differently. Self care is so important!

In this case, self-care is double for me. That evening with friends, indeed with a glass of wine, is still a moment of self-care for me. Just a moment for me! Still, a day spa or to the beautician, sports or, like now, a month's break, just like that.

Look at what works for you and is important, try to find a middle ground and challenge yourself. Your body is an expression of your own health, I want to see everyone glow! That challenge in particular is a trigger for me, a stick behind the door.

Marielle in brief

My name is Mariëlle, 29 years old and I share a lot of my life on my blog A nice wine? I don't normally say 'no' to that! It is no secret that I am a true Burgundian and enjoy life. My motto is therefore 'more than just mom'. As a (single) mother, your life is really not over. Yet it is special that at that moment 'enjoying' often includes an alcoholic snack. Is that really necessary? 2022 I start 'dry', no alcohol. At least the whole month of January and maybe I'll go on longer? Dry Janaury is a moment for me to reset my body. I am very curious what I will experience.



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