Not a sip, not a drop, nothing at all

My experience with alcohol is downright bad. But let me start at the beginning.

Alcohol was very common in my family. When my father came home from work, a bottle of wine, or beer, or sherry was brought to the table. Before dinner, all the necessary was drunk, and after the coffee this continued regularly. Very occasionally they did not drink for a month. I also liked a glass of wine or beer. But I could also very easily leave the booze. Until a few years ago. I started drinking more and more, there was always a reason to open a bottle. But I still had sober days. And I was able to hide it well from my family.

Last year, in the middle of the corona crisis, things went completely wrong. Sometimes I thought about drinking in the morning. And sometimes I did. In short, I was a real problem drinker. Something had to be done urgently, and I managed to stop drinking for a while. But I kept having a relapse. After a few days I reached for the bottle again. My family was now desperate. Then things changed, I sought help and immediately stopped drinking. That was almost four months ago now. And the funny thing is, I'm not having as much trouble with it as I expected. I sleep well, eat well, have a lot of meaning in life again. I have a nice job, three lovely children and a very sweet husband, many nice hobbies. Enough to make you happy. In December I registered for IkPas, with the aim of never drinking again.

In the coming weeks I will share my joys and sorrows with you. There will be many nice stories, but probably also very harrowing ones. All in all, I am positive about it, and hopefully we will benefit from each other's stories. The first challenge certainly helped me a lot.

I look forward to the stories of all my fellow passers and I wish you all a very nice sober day. And good luck everyone!

Lots of love from Esther

More about Esther:

I am 47 years old. I am married and I have 3 adult children with my husband. I work in home care. My hobbies are: reading, hiking, cooking and I love detective series. In addition, my faith is very important to me; I spend a lot of time on that.

Now about the drink. I grew up with it. There was always a reason for a drink with my parents. I've been an addict for years. And it went from bad to worse. I was able to hide it for a long time, but my life and liver didn't get any better. After the umpteenth attempt to stop and then start again, the switch turned. I have sought help. And don't drink another drop. My family supports me through thick and thin. And the weird thing is, I've had almost no withdrawal symptoms, I sleep well, eat well and now after three months I feel fantastic. My problem is of course not gone, but my confidence is high. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is a freshly squeezed juice or a nice cup of herbal tea.



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