Never again

Just a few more days, then the 40 day challenge is over. But I continue. In the past six months I have found that I can do without alcohol. I wouldn't have thought that a year ago. When corona broke out in the Netherlands, something broke in me too. My alcohol use hit rock bottom. Something had to be done urgently, only nothing happened!! I couldn't stop. The last day I drank I got very sick. My head started pounding, I couldn't breathe, my chest tightened and I was knocked out. Then I called my doctor completely confused. I was able to visit him immediately and we talked for at least an hour. Then he examined me completely. Luckily I got over it. I got a lot of help, from lovely people and I didn't drink a drop after that. I was completely done with it.

Never, never, no really never will I drink again, not even one because it's so cozy. Because it isn't, not for me. I'm fine. I'm still working hard, but the confidence is growing, my life has improved immensely. I'm 15 pounds lighter, and I'm slowly getting back to health. Life smiles at me again. My thanks to my dear family is great, they never let me down.

There is plenty of time to enjoy yourself, spring is in the air, summer is coming. There are a lot of new plans in my agenda, but there will also be time for rest.

Thank you dear fellow passers-by, for all the beautiful stories. And whatever you do next, stay sober or have a good glass every now and then, I wish you all the best, make something beautiful out of your life, keep enjoying everything you do.

Thanks also to the entire IkPas team, for all the support, information and enthusiasm with which you have done everything. It was a valuable experience.

When the challenge is over, I buy a bottle of (non-alcoholic) party bubbles from a well-known supermarket and then I toast to my new life. And to all the wonderful things to come.

And to you, because we did it anyway.

I'll close on Broabants: Hush and Thanks!


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