Cleaned up…and on!

March 18, 2021 / Topical / Blog Esther

My environment no longer recognizes me. I used to be always tired, or on the go.

Drinking too much for too long is simply not good for your body. When I stopped smoking, I immediately threw away everything that was smokeable. But also the ashtrays, lighters and so on. When I stopped drinking, I threw away all the booze. Also my husband's and kids' bottles, oops. That clean-up rage persisted. Closet after closet had to suffer, and I became more and more happy. Everything slowly became clean and tidy. Rooms were changed, the laundry basket was suddenly empty every day. And I found out that you have a lot of time left when you break bad habits. But not only my house is tidy, also my head. And when your mind is cleared, there will be room for something else. I now fill that space with a lot of new things. Or with things I haven't done for far too long.

I used to like to write stories, and I illustrated them myself. I walked a lot and I looked around. For example, I live near a very beautiful forest, and in the middle of it, there is a very old castle. When I was little it was completely neglected, really a ruin. I always imagined that there were huge dungeons underneath, where crooks locked people up. Years later, the entire area has been cleaned up and refurbished, including the castle. A company has entered, but the old parts have remained as authentic as possible. A while ago I was allowed to work there for a few weeks, and guess what? There are real dungeons under the livable spaces, dark scary corridors and more of those exciting places. So many reasons to pick up the pens and pencils again. There is now a nice story going on, and I'm going to write and draw it myself. And who knows, I might even publish it. Nice, a bookcase with my own stories. Do I have to clean it up first, otherwise nothing can be added.

I have cleared my worst habit and see a lot of new possibilities. I'm very interested in it.

A clean tidy day to all of you, because: tidy is tidy!!



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