What if your partner drinks and you don't?

With your participation in IkPas you consciously put your alcohol consumption on pause. To see what not drinking does to you and to experience how normal drinking alcohol actually is for you. This can make it difficult for you at times. Especially if your partner continues to drink happily. That's why this time: participating in IkPas while your partner is drinking. Difficult or does it also have advantages?

It's the start of the weekend, you're sitting on the couch together and while you're sipping your non-alcoholic drink, your partner on the couch next to you does open that beer or bottle of wine. Annoying? Well, your challenge may feel extra challenging, with a partner who does drink alcohol. That is why we have a tip here and an advantage of having one IkPasser at home!

Tip: your own motivation makes you persevere

IkPas may seem more difficult to maintain with someone nearby who does drink. However, it is mainly a matter of carefully checking with yourself why you are participating. Your own motivation helps you persevere; at a party, in the pub, with your friends, at the -online- Friday afternoon drink and next to your partner on the couch. List your reasons for temporarily stopping your alcohol use, once again clearly for yourself. Because except next to your partner on the couch, during your IkPas period you will naturally find yourself in a situation even more often in which others do drink and you do not. In the beginning this can be difficult. At the same time, you will notice that the more often you experience this situation, the more normal you think it is that you do not drink and the faster the need to drink with you disappears. If you look at it that way, you should be grateful to your partner; †

An advantage of one temporary stopper in the house

Temporarily stopping drinking alcohol together has of course advantages. This way you can rigorously ban all booze from your home and you will hardly be tempted to drink, especially in times of lockdown. On the other hand, it is only a challenge if there are moments of temptation and emerging appetite. By sitting out those moments, you will notice that not drinking becomes a little easier. Furthermore, participating in IkPas can sometimes mean that you get a bit of a prickly mood at your regular 'drinking moment'. Then one IkPasser in the house might be enough.

Gain new motivation?

Are you determined to make your IkPas challenge a success? Refresh your motivation now with these 5 reasons and these 5 reasons to temporarily stop drinking alcohol. You can be sure that you can do it again!





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