The first five benefits of pausing

You have decided not to drink for 40 days. Perhaps it was a "high-time decision" or a "see-if-I-work-decision". Whatever your reason, it's going to bring you a lot. Read more today and tomorrow about at least ten benefits of temporarily stopping drinking.

Are you comfortable in your own skin and are you bursting with confidence that standing dry for 40 days will succeed? Or do you find it difficult and do you dread having to do without alcohol all this time? Read these five benefits of temporarily not drinking and give your motivation a boost!

1. Awareness

That glass at the end of a long day, after sports, during a pleasant evening on the couch; some drinks have become such a habit that you don't even think about them anymore. By temporarily eliminating all alcoholic drinks, you notice the role alcohol plays in your life. This realization helps you to make a more conscious choice in the period after IkPas: do I have an alcoholic drink or not.

 2. Structurally less alcohol

Not drinking alcohol for a month or 40 days will not only provide you with immediate healthy benefits, it will also affect your long-term alcohol consumption. For example, six months later, IkPas participants drink an average of 30% less alcohol than before their IkPas period!

3. More energy

Not drinking alcohol is one of the best gifts you can give your body. You will feel fitter and more energetic, because no more energy is lost for your body to get rid of a toxic substance: alcohol. Stopping drinking alcohol is better for your liver - the organ that has to break down all alcohol -, your heart and your blood pressure. There is a good chance that you will see evidence of your improved physical condition in your sports performance. But your outside also improves. An important effect of alcohol is that it widens your blood vessels. This causes more blood to flow through the blood vessels, resulting in redder or swollen skin. When you stop drinking alcohol, the blood vessels slowly narrow again and your skin regains its normal, healthy complexion.

4. Sleep well, get up rested

Contrary to what is claimed about taking a 'nightcap', drinking alcohol does not help you sleep better. You fall asleep faster, but the sleep itself is less deep. Alcohol also affects your REM sleep. This is the part of your sleep where you dream, your muscles relax and your brain processes all the information and emotions of the day. Alcohol suppresses your REM sleep, so that you recover less well at night. You also feel more rested physically if you do not drink alcohol before going to sleep. By not drinking, you sleep better and you start the day rested and full of energy!

 5. Mental fitter

About 63% of the IkPas participants indicate that they feel mentally fitter. Not drinking ensures that you can concentrate better, are sharper and feel better about yourself. Alcohol has a negative influence on the serotonin level in your body. Serotonin, also called the happiness hormone, helps regulate your mood and ensures a healthy sleep pattern. Moreover, stopping drinking alcohol gives your self-confidence a positive boost. After all, you are mentally strong enough to pass!

 So much for the first five benefits. Tomorrow we have five more for you.










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