Why do you drink alcohol?

A break is a good time to think about the question 'why am I drinking?'. Because in addition to all the great benefits that you (hopefully) experience thanks to a break, dwelling on the habit of 'drinking alcohol' is also a goal of IkPas.

Plop down on the couch after a busy day with your favorite drink within reach. Is this a familiar image to you? 'I earned it' is a reason for many people to drink alcohol. Now that you're on a break, it's good to look for a different kind of treat. By planning something small for each night so you have something to look forward to, you can take the focus away from that old drinking habit.

Replacement treats

A warm bath

Read that magazine all the way through

A long evening walk

Play soccer with your child

Extensive cooking

Or pick up, because you don't like cooking

Just like that on a Wednesday evening to the cinema

Cycling that end to that one ice cream parlor

Watch your favorite movie one more time

Or whatever makes you happy.

Other reasons to drink

Drinking alcohol because you 'deserved it' is of course not the only reason why you (regularly) crave a glass of alcohol. Below is a whole bunch of reasons. Which one(s) apply to you?

To relax

To give me confidence

Because I like the taste

Because it's part of celebrating

Because I'm angry

Because my partner drinks

It's just a habit

To prevent boredom

To feel better

To help me sleep

To relieve stress

To relieve anxiety

It is expected of me

To block worries

Because I'm upset

It makes me feel social

Because I'm hungry

Any other reason you can think of…

A good preparation…

is indeed half the battle. If you know why you drink, you can prepare. With a nice list of alternative treats / activities you can escape the habit of opening a bottle. You replace one habit with another (healthier) distraction.

Then this:

Can you never plop on the couch this month without feeling like your favorite drink? That can be quite difficult at first, but with a good non-alcoholic alternative at hand, those couch-hanging evenings become a lot more attractive. Are you still looking for a tasty alternative? We come with tips.

Alternatives without sugar

Alternatives from IkPas participants



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