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March 5, 2022 / Topical / Background

We all charge differently. One swears by tinkering with engines, while another is endlessly in the bath with a book. Whatever you do to relax is much needed. Listening to a podcast can also provide a lot of relaxation. Pamper your ears stretched out on the couch or while walking the dog. Below you can read more about the most striking podcasts of the moment.

Pourquoi pas?

Moving to France. Well, why not? Are you considering starting a new life in France? Then Marit Grotenhuis and Gregor Hakkenberg, who have both lived in France for years, are happy to discuss the 'choses à faire et à ne pas faire' (the do's & don'ts). They share their experiences with each other. And with you! And maybe after listening to the podcasts you think: pourquoi pas?

Listen to Pourquoi pas here (a few episodes are shared every month)

What could happen?

Najib (Amhali) and Reda (Saleh) invite various known and unknown Dutch people every week to tell their story about the past, now and later. The stories are done under the guise of: “What could happen?”. From that one line, that one time gambling or that extra beer. In which the change from using to abusing stimulants comes to the fore. The purpose of the podcast is not to ban drugs, but to prevent their abuse.

Listen to What Could Happen Here? (new episode every week)

the snob cast

Jort Kelder and Yvo van Regteren Altena take you on a journey through the world of completely superfluous luxury – which luxury gadgets are the best to spend your money on?

Listen to the snobcast here

Another day

Do you need a daily pick-me-up in the form of news and sarcasm? Marcel van Roosmalen and Gijs Groenteman call you every day and update you on current affairs. In 12 minutes they go through the news, and in between also complain about life, celebrate their successes and reminisce. Every day again…

Listen to Another day here

The murder of the pigeon fancier

This list wouldn't be complete without a murder cast. The murder of the pigeon fancier is a podcast in which the murder of pigeon fancier Henk Gerritsen (1998) is central. Caspar van Oirschot and Berendien Tetelepta investigate the murder and immediately give an insight into the pigeon world that is far from boring: there is plenty of fraud, crime and large sums of money. Exciting!…

Listen here to the first episodes of The murder of the pigeon fancier





March 24, 2023 / Background

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