Petra Moes speaking

Petra Moes is no stranger to repeating IkPassers. She passes by every Dry January. Because she is an expert and appreciated by many participants, we spoke extensively with her about everything she is doing and of course her latest book.

How are you Petra?

"It's going very well. I am currently in France and we are facing a move. We move from one region to another and that is quite a logistical adventure. A somewhat hectic time, but also very fun and exciting. I like discovering new things. In my courses I often talk about 'the essence'. For me, the essence is going on adventures.”

Petra in brief

Petra is the founder of 'The art of sober living', psychosynthetic, coach, trainer and experience expert. She stopped drinking in 2003 and since then she has been studying the phenomenon of 'drinking more than you want'. These years of study and experience are the basis of the successful 'Beyond Alcohol' method, with which she has been able to help thousands of people.

Your book 'The art of sober living' was published last September. Why did this book have to come?

“Seven years ago I put the first words on paper. But as with time-consuming projects, it took me a while to put the last point. But it was clear to me that it would come. My view on alcohol, and especially alcohol dependence, is unique. You could also call my view or approach holistic. The main question you will be dealing with while following my course is: 'Who am I without alcohol?'. Through my book everyone can get acquainted with this way of looking at and dealing with your alcohol consumption. The above may sound a bit vague, but it is also a very practical book. Because eye-openers are nice, but then knowing how to act is even nicer.”

You yourself have stopped drinking alcohol since 2003. What was the proverbial straw for you to quit?

I felt unfree from alcohol. Alcohol took more and more control over my life. For example, I stayed at home so I could drink. Or I saw certain friends because I knew they liked alcohol just like me. It also worked the other way around, I didn't see some friends because they didn't drink. I no longer wanted to be that person I was when I drank. So I stopped. Yes, that was exciting and no, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be."

How did you go about stopping the first days, weeks and months?

“I found the first days difficult, but I was also proud. I'm proud that I did well. I also noticed a lot of benefits within a few weeks. In this way I felt lighter -because the alcohol no longer held me hostage-, my energy increased and I became more and more myself. I did try a sip here and there. But unfortunately it works for me in the way that one is too many and a thousand is still too little.”

What has helped you to let alcohol no longer play a role in your life?

“By making a decision. And the reason why I don't want to drink anymore, to let it sink in. "I'm going to stop drinking alcohol today because I don't want to be the person I am when I drink alcohol." When I drank, I pretended to be different from who I really am. With a drink I could be found at busy parties, with a lot of incentives, I was talking to everyone, I did a dance, I went to bed late. But it wasn't me who did that. Now I am true to myself. More open and vulnerable, and absolutely myself.”

We are currently celebrating the largest alcohol break in the Netherlands. What would you like to pass on to our participants?

“That I find them brave. Piece by piece. It can be an exciting decision not to drink. What I grant IkPas participants is curiosity. Be curious about this experience. See what it can bring you. Put all promises aside -from 'losing weight' to 'having more money'- and just curious about what it does to you, not drinking for a month. See if it's right for you.”

Finally, we would like to hear a tip from you regarding this break month in combination with a corona pandemic.

“See this time as an opportunity. You are more at home and then the danger lurks that you start drinking. Find something that makes you happy. Pick up a forgotten hobby. Start with an interesting course. Learn a new language or start running. Get started this winter and discover a new side of yourself.”

Have you become curious about the book Petra recently published? You can order the book at, or just buy it at your local bookstore. With this post you will find a preview of the book. Earlier we wrote an article about the contents of the book. You are reading this article here.

Order the book on Then you will receive a beautiful A5 photo card for free.

Here find a preview of the book.

TITLE                         The art of living sober

AUTHOR                    Petra Moes

PUBLISHER              Heart Rocking Time Publisher

PERFORMANCE            Hardcover, 200 pages

PRICE                          €27,50

ISBN                           9789083178400

Photo: Dorien Scheltens



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