Not ice cold but lukewarm

In the summer, when the sun is high in the sky, you may be thirstier than usual. Logical, because you also lose more moisture. Moisture that needs to be replenished. As tempting as that glass of ice water is, it is better to drink something with a lukewarm temperature. We explain a few things.

Lukewarm water, tea or a juice at room temperature instead of anything that comes out of the fridge or is made extra cold with the help of ice cubes is better for your body to drink. Why? Because those ice-cold drinks give your brain the signal that you are less or no longer thirsty. But your moisture level says something else. With lukewarm drinks, your brain doesn't get these signals, so you want to keep drinking. And that is a lot healthier.

Cool off with something warm

You cool down by drinking or eating something warm. A cup of steaming tea on a hot summer day is even refreshing. Sounds illogical, but it is true. The warmth of a cup of tea or a plate of spicy curry, for example, makes you sweat. The moisture evaporates and your body temperature drops again. 

No alcohol

On a sunny day, a cold beer or wine with extra ice cubes is a snap. They seem to be real thirst quenchers, but unfortunately that's just appearances. Alcohol removes fluids from your body and stimulates dehydration (read: you go to the toilet more often). You also sweat in full sun. So that's double moisture loss. This moisture loss quickly develops into moisture deficiency. Resulting in dehydration. Read more about dehydration in the article: 'Drinking alcohol in the sun. Good plan?'

So drink a glass of lukewarm water with mint, lemon or ginger or experiment with tea flavors if you want to get through the summer nice and cool. Source:



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