Drinking alcohol in the sun. Good plan?

It is warm. What can we say: it's hot. And you are having a good time. And that sun, it just keeps on shining. So many quarters and glasses of alcohol further on, you feel quite tipsy. Is it just you or do you get drunk faster in the summer than in the winter?

Let's dispel that myth right away: you don't get drunk faster in the sun. At least not by the sun itself. It is true that you can drink more, because you are warm. Your thirst increases. Because you drink more and faster, you get drunk sooner…

What is absolutely not a myth and is related to the sun is the increased risk of dehydration from drinking alcohol in the sun. Here's how: alcohol removes moisture from your body and stimulates dehydration (read: you go to the toilet more often). You also sweat in full sun. So that's double moisture loss. This moisture loss quickly develops into moisture deficiency. Resulting in dehydration.

What is Dehydration?

Symptoms of dehydration may include: little or no urination, thirst, dry mouth and tongue, headache, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, listlessness, tendency to faint, confusion, etc. Not a pleasant list to read, it is even more annoying when it actually happens to you. It is therefore very important to continue to drink plenty of water when you are out in the sun and drinking alcohol. Even if you do not drink alcohol, but you are in full sun, it is necessary to continue to drink water.

The hangover comes later…and is heavier

You have to pay for that alcohol-soaked afternoon or evening in the sun with a tender hangover. It has everything to do with that dehydration process. Because of the dehydration you have a headache, you are nauseous, you feel listless, you have a huge thirst, you are sweaty and you can not have much. Well. That's why. Drink plenty of water. In and out of the sun.




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