Yvonnes evening filling tips

-Read the book by Joël Goudsmit, 'Reboot your health in 24 hours' (utopia, but the aim is to integrate various handles into your daily rhythm).
-Watch/listen to podcasts.
-Watch inspiring documentaries, such as 'A Life on Our Planet' by 94-year-old David Attenborough, about how we can still save nature from the destruction that is partly lost due to man and economic prosperity. Or how about the documentary: 'What the health'. This documentary takes a closer look at a vegan diet and lifestyle.
-Read garden tips about making your garden bird-friendly.
-Listen to music, such as golden oldies from the 60s and 70s. Funny how all kinds of childhood images come back to this.
- Make a call to your elderly aunt. Or hang out over the hedge with your elderly neighbor. I regularly call a round with my lonely 90+ club, 2 aunts aged 93 and 94, a neighbor of 92 years and a bonus aunt of 82 years. They are very inspiring.
- Also a game is not missing. Think of a 30 second game, shuffleboard or an escape game.
-Everything is done, listened to, read or viewed while enjoying steaming hot tea with homemade goodies.



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