These 5 Netflix series make January a festive month

Friday night is upon us. An excellent evening to start a new series. Netflix will release new series in January that guarantee many relaxing hours. Add a nice couch, warm blanket and a cup of tea or chocolate milk to the tips below and you are guaranteed to recharge. 

Of course we don't want binge- encourage behavior, but every now and then it's nice to lose yourself in a series. Series king 'Netflix' comes in January with a number of new series that are nice to watch. We have found a varied offer and hope that your preference is also among them. Legs up and enjoy!

Drama / Messiah: Messiah is a new Netflix Original. The series tells the story of a CIA agent who is given a curious assignment. He has to investigate a charismatic Jesus-like figure. That figure, played by Mehdi Dehbi, has a large following, followers, who believe that he can do miracles. The CIA is concerned: Is this really Jesus Christ or some other otherworldly entity, or are we dealing with a dangerous con man?

Thriller / How to Get Away with Murder S5: Annalize Keating is a seasoned criminal justice professor at Middleton University. She challenges her students to solve the most difficult cases and at the end of the course she carefully selects the students who are allowed to work in her law firm. Annalize is doing well, although her clients' problems aren't the only thing she struggles with every day. This is season 5 of this series.

Drama / Dracula:  Dracula is inspired by Bram Stroker's classic novel. The series was written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss; the duo behind BBC hit series Sherlock. For Dracula, we travel to 1897. We see how the vampire leaves Transylvania to settle in Victorian London. With all its consequences.

Movies that are or will be added to the Netflix menu in January:

-Mama Mia!

-The Bourne Legacy

-The 'Jurassic Park' Trilogy

-Uncut Gems

Horror / Ares: Ares is an eight-part horror series and the first Dutch Netflix Original ever. The series focuses on friends Jacob and Rosa. They decide to accept an invitation to a secret student society in Amsterdam, which immediately lands them in a world full of power and money. However, they do not know one thing yet: demonic secrets from the Dutch past will play a major role.

Comedy/Sex Education S2: After the first successful season, Netflix now comes with season 2 of Sex Education. Otis Milburn is the son of a sex therapist, but sexually inexperienced himself. However, because of his mother's profession, he successfully helps a classmate with a sex problem. Together with the rebellious Maeve Wiley, he decides to start an illegal sex therapy practice at his school.

Which series will help you through the dark days?

Let us know in a comment!




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