The latest arrivals on Netflix

We have now turned puzzles, walking and sitting on the couch into a sport. Because Netflix tips are always welcome, here are a few recommendations for the month of February. Ideal for Saturday night movie night. Grab your blanket and don't forget the popcorn.


Do you have a weakness for 'movies about love'? Then this black and white film is right up your alley. Malcolm and Marie (John David Washington and Zendaya Coleman) return from a fun evening. Then some sensitive things come up. The mood changes from 'happy couple without worries' to 'can this relationship still be saved'?


Netflix is coming with its own movie and it should, in its own words, be a blockbuster. Space Sweepers is a Korean production and it is about a couple of space pirates who encounter a robot girl among the scraps of a space shuttle. Meanwhile, Earth is under attack by robots and the girl seems to play a key role in surviving in space. Is this movie a top or a flop? The judgment is yours.


This true crime documentary series is about the disappearance of student Elisa Lam in 2013. Lam stayed at The Cecil Hotel shortly before she was found dead in the water reservoir of the hotel. The latest surveillance footage of her in the elevator is disturbing to say the least. What was she afraid of? This documentary series puts everything in order on the basis of camera images and interviews with employees in order to arrive at a conclusion.


The western News of the World is a Universal Pictures production that came out just before the last American presidential election. Netflix now has the honor of presenting this film internationally. Set in the year 1870, the film tells the story of Captain Kyle Kidd, a newscaster who drives from village to village and is literally paid to read the news. His work takes an unexpected turn when he meets a German-speaking girl named Johanna. She appears to have been kidnapped. The rest of the film is a road trip, in which Johanna tries to find a home with all the dangers that entails.


Are you ready for a dose of tension? Then you get a dose of tension. In Red Dot we follow the young couple in love: David and Nadja. They are on a romantic trip in the snow. After some fooling around and having fun, the atmosphere changes when they discover a red dot on their tent. A laser dot. Who's after them? The hunt is on…





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