Datura's discoveries

-You can subscribe to Geochaching, very nice. Can you do with your family. You can also only do the (free) walks via the Adventure lab app: you also get to different places than you normally walk and you usually also get background information with both apps.

– On Valentine's Day, a lovetrail has been set out here in the village. A walking route, in the shape of a heart, decorated with ribbons and hearts drawn with sidewalk chalk. At the beginning you could take the route from a bag, but you could also just follow the arrows, hearts and ribbons. So in principle you could start anywhere on the route. Children were asked to dress up and/or put glitter on your face, and parents to talk about love with their children beforehand, so that you could go on this walk with a loving feeling: in love for each other, for nature, for someone special, for……. And above all, bring your own ribbons to hang up, to mark your route yourself. And if you come across a ribbon that has fallen on the floor, hang it up again.

Two or three days later, the organizers clear up all the ribbons. I don't think that is tied to Valentine's Day, you can also turn it off on other days.

– In Leeuwarden we discovered the 'little people' route, we had no idea it was there. Via Adventure lab you walk a small part of it and it was stated where you could find the entire route. Miniature people are hidden all over the city.

I've taken a good look at all my plants. Some re-cut, others a larger pot with new potting soil. In addition, I started taking cuttings of monsteras (hole plants). I also have a cutting of a monstera variegata, with a lot of white. You can also make plant sticks yourself: find a nice branch in the forest, and then wrap moss around it. Much nicer than a coconut stick.

-I participate in Nederland in Beweging and we take a walk every day, now that gyms and swimming pools are closed.

– On the last day before the lockdown I quickly bought knitting wool and started knitting again. Only now the wool is gone.

– We made a Mini Library. We've been cleaning up. Since I got an e-reader, I hardly read paper books anymore. Am an avid reader, have a lot of books and they were just standing. We had put two more sturdy cupboards on top of each other under the carport, painted a nice sign and placed a message on the street app and in the village newspaper. People from the village now regularly come to get books, who are very happy to be able to read them now.

– I take extra care of my grandchildren. Before the lockdown, I babysat my youngest granddaughter one day a week, and I continued to do that. When the childcare closed, I started babysitting more often, because my daughter has to work (ICU nurse). In addition, during this second lockdown, my eldest granddaughter and grandson were getting into each other's hair more and more and their parents work from home. So this granddaughter also stayed with us for a while, to get away from her younger brother (all four of them had recently tested negative for corona). I was immediately a home teacher, new experience and I had quality time with my granddaughter. And my son and daughter-in-law were able to catch their breath.

– We played a lot of games and we dyed hair, she wanted pink tufts in her hair. (Normally we often go out with grandchildren, to museums that are also fun for children, or to a zoo or petting zoo).

– Since yesterday we can work in the garden again, wonderful now that the temperature is rising.

– We have discovered the pizzarette, it was bought via marktplaats. A tip that I got again. Super fun to do with (grand) children.

– I experiment with soups, I now have time for it. Carrot soup, fennel soup, kale soup, etc… Hihi, so we eat a lot of soup at the moment.

– Making and sending cards: to uncles and aunts who are all old, to old people who can't throw a party now, to sick people you can't visit, etc... You can order very nice cards via ZintenZ, for example. Find nice encouraging poems on the internet, for example by Martin Gijzemijter, which you can write or paste on the inside. Just print a selfie and paste it, make a nice matching envelope (I use an old atlas, a leftover floral wallpaper, flow magazines, etc.), or decorate the envelope with stamps and tapes…….



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