Three weeks later: what happens to you?

You can cross off as many as three weeks from your dry trip. High time to take stock. How do you feel physically? What does this do to you mentally? In this update you can read more about losing weight and gaining knowledge.

get in shape

Since the average beer is well over a hundred calories and a large glass of wine about the same, it's easy to guess why your waistband might be loosening after a few weeks.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones to lose weight now that you've left the booze for what it is. Especially when you start moving more during your break period. Because moving during your dry journey pays off faster than if you just keep drinking your beers and wines the evening before or after exercising.

Lost pounds? So get to it!

The case sometimes also means that you do not lose weight so much, but that you gain weight. Could this possibly be due to your diet? It's no secret that after you stop drinking alcohol, you can crave sugary or fatty snacks. Don't worry, that's normal. Because food can also bring about a short-term happy feeling. But if you're not happy with your new snacking self, read the article about cravings.

hello elephant memory

Is your memory too on fire? By stopping drinking, your short-term memory in particular gets a significant boost boost. You may be able to remember information longer, be less forgetful, or be able to focus better. Smart work!

Where are my benefits?

Some people will experience these benefits at different times, if at all. This could be due to how much you've been drinking before, other lifestyle changes (if you swap your nightcap for an espresso, you probably won't have better sleep), or it's all to do with the idiosyncrasies of your particular body. That doesn't mean your break period isn't doing you any good, nor does it mean you won't feel better in the long run – so don't give up if you don't experience these effects exactly as described above. And especially pay attention to the benefits that have not been mentioned, but that you do experience!



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