Five Weeks Without Alcohol: What Happens To You?

The end of your break period is approaching; the same cannot be said for the benefits it brings to your body. Your break period may have felt 'like a drop in the ocean' at first; now meters are being made.

It yield(s)

Now you've reached the point where your liver really relaxes. For 90% of all the alcohol you drink that is processed in your body, your liver is busiest with it. But a liver can only handle so much. In addition, the breakdown products of alcohol are toxic to the liver, increasing the risk of liver disorders – and damage. Firstly, it leads to an accumulation of fats in the liver cells. And fatty liver is a first stage of alcoholic hepatitis and that in turn can lead to liver cirrhosis. You suffer from these consequences of excessive drinking on a daily basis. For example, fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, accumulation of fluid and jaundice are unpleasant consequences that can hinder your daily functioning. But good news: on average, the fatty liver has disappeared after a six-week alcohol break. Maybe you stick to it for another week to take advantage of this advantage?

Fit and slim?

Because you have been sleeping better for five weeks now, you feel fitter and more energetic. You may also have lost a few pounds of weight. Especially if you also started exercising during your break period.

Money left

Of course, this benefit has nothing to do with your body. But that doesn't make it any less nice. Taking a break for a few weeks also means saving money for many. How much do you have in that piggy bank? And what are you going to do with it? Eating out? An evening at the movies? Nice outing? Or at least that new bike…Have fun!

Where are my benefits?

Some people will experience these benefits at different times, if at all. This could be due to how much you've been drinking before, other lifestyle changes (if you swap your nightcap for an espresso, you probably won't have better sleep), or it's all to do with the idiosyncrasies of your particular body. That doesn't mean your break period isn't doing you any good, nor does it mean you won't feel better in the long run – so don't give up if you don't experience these effects exactly as described above. And especially pay attention to the benefits that have not been mentioned, but that you do experience!



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