Two weeks later: what happens to you?

All of a sudden, or not naturally, the first two weeks have passed. A week in which you may have discovered whole new benefits or have come to certain insights. One thing is certain: a lot has happened in your body again.

This week is all about 'energy'. A large proportion of the compasses will have more energy and clearer thinking. Some describe it as if 'the fog lifts'. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who now stands up more easily and is less prone to mood swings.

Extra fresh on the weekend

You have also had your second sober weekend. Curious how that turned out! If you are a weekend drinker, getting up fresh may surprise you even more. Tip for the next weekend: before the weekend starts, think about what you're going to drink as an alternative. Treat yourself with an extra tasty soft drink, a nice mix or a special tea?

Extra water

You may have an extra appetite for water. Now that you've been off alcohol for nearly two weeks, you may find yourself thirsty. Make sure you hydrate your body well. A nice side effect of drinking all this water is the effect it has on your skin. By stopping drinking alcohol your skin started to glow more and by drinking more water the skin gets a bonus turn. So double win!

work it!

If you have always been an athlete, you will notice that you train better. In addition, alcohol acts as a muscle relaxant, so drinking regularly can reduce muscle development. Now that you're on your break, all that hard work at the gym is really paying off. Not much of an athlete at all? There's no better time to start than during your dry trip.

Where are my benefits?

Some people will experience these benefits at different times, if at all. This could be due to how much you've been drinking before, other lifestyle changes (if you swap your nightcap for an espresso, you probably won't have better sleep), or it's all to do with the idiosyncrasies of your particular body. That doesn't mean your break period isn't doing you any good, nor does it mean you won't feel better in the long run – so don't give up if you don't experience these effects exactly as described above. And especially pay attention to the benefits that have not been mentioned, but that you do experience!

We're going to publish three more blogs about what your body does after three, four and five weeks alcohol-free, so stay tuned! Tip: Keep a sober diary so you can track how you feel and look back on it when the 40 days are up.



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