Tasty snacks from food blogger Judith

It's Saturday night and that means 'fun'. Will it be a movie night? Games marathon? Friends over the floor? Whatever you're up to, Saturday night calls for a little something extra. A treat that suits a free evening. Food blogger Judith shares a number of tasty recipes for surprising snacks.

Parsnip chips with truffle mayonnaise

Parsnips come under the heading of 'forgotten vegetables', although nowadays they seem anything but forgotten. This tasty vegetable variety is versatile. From parsnip soup, to roasted parsnips and mashed potatoes. However, perhaps the best way to eat parsnips is to make chips from the oven. It's very simple.

Parsnip chips from the oven

Cut the parsnips into thin slices, brush them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Just pop it in the oven and you're done! They are the most crunchy when you eat them almost immediately. Dip in, for example, truffle mayonnaise and it is truly a feast. Delicious as a snack, with a drink or as a side dish.

Read the recipe here

Quick & easy: Italian bruschetta

Delicious as an appetizer or as a snack, this bruschetta with tomato and basil. Bruschetta is a typical Italian snack and consists in any case of bread rubbed with garlic, salt and olive oil. You often come across this variant with tomato and basil, but it can also be topped with meat or other vegetables or 'natural' with only garlic, salt and olive oil. Combine with a hearty soup to make a full meal.

Read the recipe here

Easy mini quiches

These quiches look fun and are easy to make! Basically it's the same as a 'regular' quiche, but without the crust and in a mini size. You can of course vary with the filling. Try blanched broccoli florets or mushrooms, for example. It is also nice to sprinkle some grated cheese over the quiches just after they come out of the oven. Serve with, for example, a salad or soup as a meal or eat them as a snack.

Read the recipe here

This is Judith

Judith de Groot-Pagrach (35) is founder and owner of myfoodblog.nl. She shares all her recipes on her food blog. In doing so, she takes into account different target groups. From vegan to pregnant and everything in between: everyone can find inspiration at myfoodblog.nl.




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