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Taking a break is healthy. One participates because he wants to be more conscious with alcohol, another because it is quite possible to lose a few kilos. To continue that healthy trend, food blogger Judith is treating you to some tasty recipes today. Treat yourself with a healthy starter and main course including healthy drink. You just have to prepare it yourself…

Well-filled Chinese tomato soup

A well-filled Chinese tomato soup is really easy to make. With a few ingredients that you probably already have at home, you can make your own vegetarian Chinese tomato soup in no time. Delicious for lunch or dinner. Serve with, for example, a sandwich.

Tip: make an extra large pot of soup and eat it for lunch the next day. Strong appetite? Then add vermicelli or rice noodles and possibly some bean sprouts. Do you eat meat? Then you can add small meatballs.

Read the recipe here

Pointed cabbage with vegetarian minced meat (ready in 10 minutes!)

Cabbage is such a tasty vegetable. It is versatile and looks nice. You can use pointed cabbage in, for example, a fried rice. You can also stuff the leaves. Or you do as in this recipe, just cut the pointed cabbage into strips and bake them with vegetarian mincemeat and some seasonings. This way you have a delicious and healthy evening meal on the table in 10 minutes.

Cabbage, minced meat and rice

Delicious to serve with rice, but you can also opt for quinoa, pasta or, for example, cauliflower rice. If you go for rice, you make it extra healthy by choosing brown rice.

Read the recipe here

Mango lassi (Indian mango drink)

I had received a large box of mangoes, so what do you make? Mango Lassi! So if you have mangoes (fresh or from the freezer), this drink is highly recommended.

On Instagram I asked you which recipe you wanted to see with the mangoes and I often got the same answer: mango lassi. For those who don't know it: this is an Indian drink based on mango, yogurt, herbs and spices. Various additions are possible. I went for aromatic cardamom and saffron myself. Garnish with rose petals and pistachios, but that is of course completely optional.

Indian meal

Traditionally, you use yogurt made from cow's milk, but you can easily replace it with vegetable yogurt. For example, based on coconut. You can drink the lassi any time of the day. For example at 11 o'clock as a pick-me-up or just at the end of the afternoon. Also nice to end your Indian meal with this.

Read the recipe here

This is Judith

Judith de Groot-Pagrach (35) is founder and owner of myfoodblog.nl. She shares all her recipes on her food blog. In doing so, she takes into account different target groups. From vegan to pregnant and everything in between: everyone can find inspiration at myfoodblog.nl.



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