Extra tasty recipes from food blogger Judith

Fortunately, tasty and healthy can go very well together. Food blogger Judith's recipes prove that. Check one of the recipes below for inspiration and otherwise take a look at her website† Nice weekend!

Creamy quick parsnip soup with brioche toast

Have you ever eaten parsnip soup? A delicious, velvety soup brimming with flavour. You make it easy yourself. For example as a starter, lunch or as a main course. Parsnips are back again. Where it was previously classified as 'forgotten vegetables', it is now an indispensable part of the vegetable range. So share this vegetarian, creamy parsnip soup with brioche toast and blue herb butter.

Read the recipe here

Pasta with red pesto, arugula and burrata

Who's up for a tasty pasta dish? This is a real hit and I expect it will come to your table more often once you've made it. I often eat green pesto, but for a change I used red pesto. Where green pesto is made with basil, among other things, red pesto is made from sun-dried tomatoes. Hence the red color.

Red pesto and cherry tomatoes

In addition to red pesto, I added arugula, cherry tomatoes that I popped in the oven. Preferably cherry tomatoes on a truss, but loose cherry tomatoes are also possible. By popping them in the oven for a while, they become even sweeter and they get a softer structure.

Burrata (or mozzarella)

To top it off, a burrata topping with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. You can buy burrata in the supermarket and mozzarella is injected with cream. You can also use mozzarella as an alternative. Use real buffalo mozzarella, preferably organic.

Read the recipe here

Vegetarian curry with meatballs and pak choi

Fancy a curry? I have a delicious vegetarian curry for you with only a few ingredients. To make it extra tasty I added vegetarian balls, flavored with black bean sauce. A true taste sensation in combination with the green curry.

more color

As you may know, having as many different colors of vegetables on your plate as possible is super healthy. So with a carrot, bok choy and baby corn, you're in the right place here. You just buy that baby corn in the supermarket, in cans. As an alternative you can also buy regular corn kernels, but personally I really like the crunchy bite of the baby corn.

With it you eat (silver fleece) rice, for example. Want even more vegetarian curry inspiration? What did you think about:

Cauliflower curry with Indian cheese

Tofu curry korma

Eggplant tofu tikka

Vegetarian curry with meatballs and pak choi

This is Judith

Judith de Groot-Pagrach (35) is founder and owner of myfoodblog.nl. She shares all her recipes on her food blog. In doing so, she takes into account different target groups. From vegan to pregnant and everything in between: everyone can find inspiration at myfoodblog.nl.





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