Something different with Teastreet

In China and Japan they have been doing it for quite some time. More and more Dutch restaurants are also embracing the trend of tea pairing; combining tea and food. In addition to wine, tea is a drink that can be enjoyed very well with a meal. A perfect combination ensures that both the dish and the tea come into their own.

The diversity of flavors and types of tea means that a suitable tea can be found for every type of dish. Discover for yourself what you think are beautiful combinations.

Tasty suggestions:

Smoked salmon

Green T – Bancha

Green T – Lovely Jasmine

Grilled vegetables

Oolong T – Golden Osmantus

White T – White Monkey Pekoe


Black T – Sikkim Temi

Pu erh T – China Puerh


White T – Mao Feng

Oolong T – Tie Guan Yin


Green T – Chun Mee

Oolong T – Golden Osmantus

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