Something different with D-drinks

Yes, the 40 days are almost over. Time for a festive closing. But alcohol-free. Because it's still break. D-drinks comes with a festive and tasty option.

For the tastiest lemonade, use Belvoir syrup. Mix a bottom of this syrup with still or sparkling water and serve with a (paper) straw. To complete the party, eat Moonpop with it. Moonpop is hand-popped popcorn, available in three different flavors. Moonpop has a remarkably airy and crunchy texture and is therefore irresistibly tasty and unique. In addition, Moonpop is made with organic coconut oil. So tasty and responsible!



Tips from IkPas participants

Taking a break means, in addition to not drinking alcohol, to explore. Pushing your tasty limits. Where one swears by ginger tea, you can wake the other up for a fresh gravy with…
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