Zomer in je glas

You're taking a break and it looks good on you! But let's be honest: during these summer weeks you can sometimes long for your old trusted alcoholic refreshment. Don't worry: there are many tasty non-alcoholic and cooling recipes that will also make you happy, while you enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the sun. We found the following thirst-quenching recipes from food blogger Judith Pagrach.


You can make a delicious iced tea with green tea. For example, opt for a tea with a fruity taste, cool with ice cubes and add honey to taste. You can do that with black tea, but with green tea it is also super tasty! It gives a very fresh taste. In the shops you see more and more green iced tea from a pack, but making your own is much more fun, tastier and healthier.

Recipe iced tea

Slush puppies

Remember the slush puppies of yesteryear? Those ice-cold drinks that are a bit reminiscent of ice and provide an instant 'brain freeze'. These extra cold drinks were often available in classic flavors of cola, strawberry or orange. And such a slush puppy was a real sugar bomb. This recipe is for making a healthier slush puppy.

All you need is watermelon, strawberries, a lime and ginger ale or sparkling water. You peel and cut the watermelon, freeze it and then blend with the other ingredients. Since the watermelon will naturally harden in the freezer, you will need a powerful blender.

Recipe slush puppies

Mocktail with ginger ale, mint and raspberry

Does a mocktail make you happy? We understand that, because it is not only refreshing such a mocktail, it also looks cozy and you keep a clear head. You really only need 2 ingredients for this drink: ginger ale and mint-raspberry lemonade syrup. Also some ice cubes for an extra cold effect and mint and raspberries for garnish.

Recipe mocktail ginger ale, mint and raspberry

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Photo: Jerôme de Groot & Judith de Groot-Pagrach



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