Viola Holt: From mindless to conscious drinking

“People mindlessly order a glass of wine. I did that too, but since I haven't had any alcohol for 30 days, I only drink consciously." Viola Holt put her alcohol consumption on hiatus from January 6 to February 6. She came across the call from IkPas on Facebook and "just did it".

She thinks the action of IkPas is very good. She likes the movies with the talking glass container and the boy who addresses customers about their drink purchase. “You are addressed, but not forced into anything. Whether you participate is up to you.”

“My father was a total abstainer, he only ate a box of rum beans on his birthday and my mother loved cocktails, but the way she drank… it used to be different,” Viola says. “It is now normal to have a glass of wine with dinner, just every day. You drink a bottle without noticing. I bought one and a half liter bottles of wine and they went up. Now I buy regular bottles and only my husband drinks at home with dinner. He now takes two days with a bottle. He has also started drinking less. I myself only drink when there is a party or something and I stick to a maximum of two glasses. And always a glass of water next to it.”

Viola hates drunk people. “If everyone would drink consciously and stick to two glasses, you would no longer be bothered by drunk people hanging around someone else's neck. So annoying. That is not pleasant for anyone.” She is not so proud of herself that she has not had a drop in a month, but she is very happy. "Not drinking alcohol is fantastic: it's good for your skin and nails, I feel fitter and have more energy." She has tips for people who don't know what to drink instead of alcohol. “There are plenty of alternatives. Alcohol-free beer is delicious with Indian food and I also like to drink tomato juice. I discovered an alcohol-free Riesling in the supermarket. I then put it in a nice glass, just like when I drink crodino. You still have the feeling that you are participating.”




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