Tea for every moment

Tea sommelier Barbara Veldhuizen gives tips for tea for every moment of the day for every mood. Tea has an infinite variety. From the purest tea to surprising blends. A blend has the basis of pure tea, mixed with herbs, natural aromas, fruit or blossom. This creates different flavors: fruity, soft and sweet, spicy and spicy or nutty.

Fresh start to the day

Start your day right with a cup of fresh crispy morning. This green tea contains citrus and ginger, which gives you a lot of energy and is therefore a good energizer to start the day.
Do you love oatmeal breakfasts and specifically with blueberries as a topping? Drink the berry black, This tea with forest fruits contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

The 11 o'clock snack
The first hours are over, your breakfast has dropped and you are slowly starting to get hungry. Try a delicious chai latte with one of the Teastreet chai tea flavors. The spicy and spicy taste of chai is a good pick-me-up. The chai latte can be made with both green and black tea and rooibos chai. IkPas participants can find a delicious recipe for chai latte via their dashboard on IkPas.nl or in the IkPas app.

lunch break

During lunch it is nice to drink a cup of tea. This prevents you from eating the food too quickly and at the same time gives you a full feeling. Take a break is an exotic black tea blend of mango and papaya. Fresh and fruity!
Prefer a green tea? The Japanese seduction is a delicious Japanese green tea with rose petals and cherries. Pure enjoyment!

The 4 o'clock

The time of day when you feel like something sweet and need energy. The perfect time to spoil yourself with a delicious cup of tea. Ever heard of oolong? A tea of rolled leaves with a dark color that arises during the drying process. The Milky oolong is a mild and creamy tea with the taste of flowers and roasted peach.

After dinner tea

End your day with a delicious herbal tea for example chamomile. The tea has a calming effect which helps you to relax. The hang loose is very fruity and floral and is caffeine free.

All mentioned teas are for sale at TeaStreet. IkPas participants can order the tea at a discount. See newsletter 12 and 20.



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