Withdrawal Symptoms

Moderate drinkers probably won't notice, but if you were used to drinking more glasses of alcohol very regularly, you could suffer from withdrawal symptoms for the first few days of this campaign. One suffers more than the other. This has to do with how long and how much someone has been drinking, the physical condition and the sensitivity.

Possible symptoms are:

  • perspiration
  • shaking hands
  • nausea
  • fear
  • insomnia
  • listlessness
  • fatigue
  • feeling restless
  • gloom
  • raised blood pressure
  • muscle cramp
  • tension.

The complaints mainly occur in the first week and then decrease. Insomnia and tension can last a little longer, as can anxiety, listlessness and sadness.
Your body really needs to get rid of a long-standing habit and that can take a while.

At times when it really bothers you, it's a good idea to seek distraction in an activity such as walking, cycling or doing household chores. Accept that the feelings are there and realize that they will disappear on their own.



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