Take the last boyfriend away

“People have the feeling that their last boyfriend is being taken away,” Lindo Duvall sums up the resistance to putting your alcohol consumption on hold. Last year the Veronica deejay tried to participate in IkPas, but when he went out for dinner after 21 days, he thought 'Ah, I'm just having a drink'. In January, he tried again and persevered. “It was sometimes quite difficult, when I was playing football or going out to dinner, I wanted something to drink. I now know that the feeling is fading away. It's best not to pay any attention to it." Which also helped: that his girlfriend joined in, even though she didn't drink much anyway. “And the great collective motivation of IkPas, I'm not doing it alone”.

Since January, Lindo has changed his life permanently. “After the campaign, I went out to dinner with my girlfriend. The couple of beers I drank with it, were really choppy. I hardly drink at home anymore. I buy more consciously. Don't bring any drinks into the house, only for cooking, for example, if something has to be in a recipe, and the rest of the bottle will then be empty."

Veronica is the channel of tough men, of drinking, football and darts. “They quickly find a story about why you shouldn't drink pedantic. Actually, that applies to more people,” says Lindo. “If you think about it, it's weird: promoting unhealthy food is what we call marketing. People find promoting healthy food patronizing.”

Lindo would prefer not to drink alcohol at all. “But it has to be the right time for that. The reason for stopping is my health. Drink is killer. It's really not good, but the damage is often not visible. You don't know what your liver looks like. The positive effects of not drinking are noticeable. I'm sharper, fitter, I sweat less when I'm on the crosstrainer, sleep better and don't have a headache. Not a drop of drinking is profitable.”

From March 6, Lindo Duvall will again participate in IkPas.



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