Been dry for 15 months

Agnes participates in IkPas. We found the message below in our mailbox.

I've been 'dry' for 15 months. Delicious. I often sought out wine for Saturday night dinner. Appropriate for the food. It is a whole culture around wine. Visit the wine regions on vacation. It belonged to the Fine Arts and Music for me. During the week I did not take alcohol. So yes on the weekend. Sunday morning I was always tired, sore bowels. If I had a glass later in the evening, I slept badly. Was it because we had such a nice chat? Or was it the alcohol? Well that was a test. No wine with dinner on Saturdays. After dinner my husband said, “Gosh, we haven't had any wine”. “Oh, forgot.” I kept to myself and noticed that it was not an issue. And how good I felt that Sunday morning and no Monday blues either. Lovely, just the way I felt during the week. Fit and zest for life. I didn't give a shit about it to anyone. It just not mentioned. On a birthday I said, make me another cup of tea. Now I am also a huge tea drinker. I've never had the comment, "hey don't be so unsociable". I have become cozier.

In the beginning I sometimes took non-alcoholic wine. That didn't appeal to me either. Why, there are delicious teas with different flavors available that you can choose for your dinners. There are also wonderful after dinner teas. And restaurants also have a tea experience. For our annual outing to the Mattheus Passion, my husband selected a restaurant with a tea experience. So good. You can also serve it at home in beautiful glasses. In the health food store you have special soft drinks without sugar from special fruits. I pour it into my beautiful wine or champagne glasses for the luxurious effect.

Celebrating the weekend. I don't miss anything about not taking alcohol anymore. My life just got better. It's great when you always feel great. I asked my husband if he thinks it is a shame that I don't drink wine. He looked at me and smiled. “Turn it around,” he said. “How do you think I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then?” Well, you should know that yourself. Exactly, let's set each other free. That's so nice. If you don't publicize it yourself, don't make it an issue yourself, you simply determine how you live. Sometimes I say it, then they say to my husband: “Great, you always have a BOB”. Then he says: “Oh, I don't drink alcohol tonight either”. Enjoying a glass is not a must. I'm certainly not always the BOB. In other words: it is not a must, an issue, a compulsion. It's free.




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