Grip on your resistance: keep your alcohol consumption on a break

A glass of liquid can be a wonderful thirst quencher. We are talking about water, black or green tea that is. Tasty and healthy. Because did you know that a correct fluid balance plays a major role in optimizing your resistance? New? We will update you!

Our body consists largely of water. In women and the elderly this is about 60% and men about 65%. We take in fluids daily, but we also lose a lot of fluids. Every day a large amount of fluid leaves the body through the skin (when you sweat), when you go to the toilet, but also through your breathing. How much fluid you lose differs per person, because this depends on a number of factors such as age, gender and weight, but physical exertion also plays a role. To compensate for the fluid you lose per day, you must drink enough (source:

Healthy fluid

Tea, water, soup, fruit, fruit juices and sports drinks are all examples of thirst quenchers that keep your fluid levels up. Although we especially prefer the first four, because they contain no (unnatural) sugars. A person needs about 2.5 liters of fluid per day. You get the first liter from the food you eat. The other one and a half liters you fill up by drinking. If you drink too little, waste products are not removed and dehydration can occur. Now you might think: a beer is also moisture. So this one also counts. 'Unfortunately', alcohol is the type of fluid that does no good. Why then you may ask?

Alcohol is a wolf in sheep's clothing, because alcohol inhibits the diuretic hormone that prevents frequent urination. This gives alcohol a diuretic effect and you have to urinate a lot after a heavy drinking. Alcohol therefore has the opposite effect: it dries out the body despite and thanks to the alcohol. That beer looks like a thirst quencher, but it isn't. You immediately lose the fluid that you ingest when you drink a beer (source:

Moisture and resistance

Let's go back to the fact that a correct fluid balance helps to improve your resistance. That's how it works: moisture is necessary for the removal of waste. As you have just read, alcohol is a form of moisture, but not the correct moisture. Alcohol actually dehydrates your body. In addition, breaking down alcohol costs your body a lot of time and effort. The more glasses of wine, beer or spirits you drink, the less attention your body can put into fighting pathogens (source: health

What is all that moisture for?

Well, beers and wines do not contribute to our inner moisture balance. Water, tea, soup and fruit are. Milk, coffee and herbal tea are also allowed, but to a limited extent. Coffee also has a diuretic property, which only increases your need for moisture. Otherwise, take a look at the Disc of Five. Then you know exactly which choices are wise. Spoiler alert: the absolute moisture champion is water. Water is an expert at:

- the disposal of waste: the kidneys remove all waste products and purify the blood. What remains are the waste products that leave the body through urine. Water is therefore important for the kidneys and therefore also for the removal of waste.

- control your temperature: for example, if you are hot, you start to sweat. This is a cooling mechanism of the body. If you don't have enough moisture, this can prevent you from cooling down enough.

- soften your stool: the important nutrients from food are absorbed into the blood (which mainly consists of water) and transported to the right places in the body. In addition, dietary fiber needs moisture to do its job. They bind the moisture to them, which makes the stool softer (source: 

water tips

Water is therefore thirst-quenching and good for resistance. But what if you have trouble drinking one and a half to two liters of fluid a day? There are plenty of variation tips that can make your water just that little bit more exciting. How about a glass of tap water with cucumber and lemon slices? With mint or lime wedges? Basil? Strawberry? For more tips, see

And are you going? Then take a bottle of water with you. Preferably in a sustainable bottle. Then you will enjoy it for an extra long time. Cheers!






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