Grip on your resistance: how hygienic can it be?

One person is horrified by a kitchen towel, the other does not find washing his hands necessary after a visit to the toilet. What is hygienic and what is not, differs per household and even per person. One thing is certain: a clean house makes you less likely to get sick.

Now there are also enough noises that we in the western world would be 'too clean' and that a little dirt would be good for the resistance. How about that? Supporters of this 'hygiene hypothesis' believe that children are underexposed to infections and that they grow up in an environment that is too clean. It is true that our immune system needs to be trained. Many studies show that this requires contact with micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, moulds). This is especially important at a young age. Still, a lot of research is needed into the precise mechanism and to what extent this affects our immune system. That we are 'too clean' is therefore a bit premature (source:

But a little bit of daily filth is certainly good for the very youngest up to four years of age. The immune system against pathogens is built up in the first three to four years of life. The nursery or playgroup is seen by some parents as a source of germs. But never coming into contact with germs is not good for your immune system. It even weakens your immune system. And a weakened immune system has an influence on our brains, because they no longer send a signal that we have to make the 'happy hormone' serotonin. And that makes you depressed, researchers at Emory University in Atlanta discovered (source:

Tips to prevent (an average) flu and cold

-Move and look for the outside air, a good condition increases the resistance.

-Keep distance from people who have a cold or flu.

-If you are sick yourself, it is nice for your fellow man to cough into your elbow and to use a paper handkerchief, which you throw away after one use.

- Only use paper handkerchiefs or tissues and use them once. Then throw it in the trash right away.

-Wash your hands regularly with soap and water (always after going to the toilet and before eating!). And rub them regularly with hand alcohol.

- Touch your mouth, nose or eyes as little as possible.

-Clean the house regularly, including door handles and toys.

- Ventilate your house for at least 10 minutes every day.

-It is wise for people with certain diseases, 60+ and medical care personnel to be vaccinated against the flu.


A clean house contributes to your health. And thanks to the corona crisis, our hygiene protocol is also sharp outside the home. The measures: keeping your distance, washing your hands regularly and staying home as much as possible should suppress the virus. When we have overcome this crisis, good hygiene remains important. Keep in mind that optimal resistance starts with enough sleep, healthy food and enough exercise. But there is no need to wash your house from top to bottom every day. Apparently that makes you suddenly depressed. So leave that vacuum cleaner behind and go do something that makes your brain make a lot of serotonin!




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