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March 23, 2023 / Topical / Blog Renata

And another week later! Just like that and flown by.

A week of busy work, household chores, picking up hobbies and signing up for a course. One that I actually had on my wish list for many years, but never had the time for or rather: took. Received the textbooks yesterday, so I can get started.

I also planned to go to the gym again. I like to walk, but that also takes a lot of time. Later when it stays light a bit longer and the temperature is a bit more pleasant, I will go for a walk after dinner more easily. Can't cram everything into a Saturday and Sunday and after long working days during the week a little relaxation is desirable.

Last week I read with a fellow blogger whether it is more difficult if a partner continues to drink alcoholic drinks. Or that it would be nice if you were supported in it. I don't have that 'problem' myself, because I'm single and 2 of my 3 children are just under 18. They don't drink alcohol yet and my eldest rarely drinks alcohol during an outing and never at home anyway. So no alcohol drinkers in the house, but no fellow passers either. am i missing it? No idea, you don't miss what you don't have, they say, right? But it is of course also nice to hear that you are doing well. My environment knows about it and it is in any case nice that people are not asked to drink a glass of wine but 'a cup of coffee'.

Now that I've been single for over a year, I have a date every now and then. And I notice that the dates I've been on don't drink alcohol at all or very rarely. Is it more of a woman's habit to wine? Don't men also often drink with their mates? Before January 1, I often thought: 'how uncomfortable if your date doesn't drink alcohol', but now it's very easy that I don't have to explain anything. And now I'm the 'unsociable'!

Fortunately, I'm just as cozy without alcohol as with, perhaps more fun because you just stay yourself all evening and don't talk with a double tongue or get high in emotions because of the alcohol. And the next day I'm definitely cozier without a hangover!

Before I started this blog, it occurred to me that I am already over 80 days AV! Just a little while and I'll have reached 100 days. And that's what I'm going for at least. Because I still don't find it difficult not to drink alcohol. Feel good and really looking forward to spring. Go outside a lot. Feel like the sun and warmth. And a nice cold glass of sparkling water or an alcohol-free Radler is just as refreshing, tasty and cozy on a terrace!

On to the finish line of the challenge. Good luck for a while! Will you also complete the 100 days?



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