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March 9, 2023 / Topical / Blog Renata

Today we are already on day 17! How much effort does it take you? Do you regularly think about an alcoholic drink or is it not too bad? I am surprised that I have so little trouble with it myself and that I am not really concerned with it. Only when I see the newsletter in my mailbox do I think: Oh yes!

And it strikes me that there are a lot of articles about the use of alcohol. Has it always been like this or is it the trend right now? And do I notice now that I'm on break myself? Taking an alcohol break was a completely independent choice for me without anyone drawing my attention to it. A challenge purely for myself and being kind to my own body.

My kids were skeptical and didn't think I would succeed. Because yes, they didn't know any better than mama and wine either. That was inextricably linked. And what are you going to drink then? I don't like soft drinks or sweet/bitter drinks at all and besides wine, I actually only drank tea and water. Now I occasionally drink a glass of apple juice or blackcurrant juice, but usually just tea or sparkling water.

You can vary a lot with tea, I've noticed. Now I'm not a fan of fruit tea, but there are also many different types of herbal tea, for example. And I've even discovered 'spicy' tea with a hint of pepper, which is also delicious with a savory snack on the table.

Losing weight is a nice side effect of the alcohol break. Only that kite no longer applies to me. Because with tea, a biscuit (or 2/3) is nice, or a piece of chocolate. A nice piece of cake on a birthday. And I never ate that, because with wine this sweetness is not that tasty at all!

Honestly didn't think that your taste would improve either because I linked that more to smoking. But it really is. And so everything tastes better, which makes me hungry and eat more.

That sleeping still hasn't improved. But that might need a little more time. I myself don't see any difference with regard to my skin, but I must also honestly say that I've been struggling with the flu and cold since Christmas Day. It just keeps coming back in waves. So that snotty nose is not very conducive to glowing skin. Rather blotchy, red nose and dry.

What are the reactions in your environment? Mine are very positive and it is often said that you are handsome and that you are strong. But is it pretty? Do I consider it an achievement not to consume alcohol? Actually not at all. It feels more like taking care of yourself. Just like you might pay more attention to what you eat, exercise more or stop smoking, go to bed on time, count your steps per day or whatever to take better care of your body. I do think I will stay alcohol-free for the time being. Maybe also a little afraid of falling back to too much and to the habit. Want to work more towards it, that a glass of wine is something special and occasionally as a treat. But not for now.

Until next time, greetings Renate


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