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Corona, flu, colds, Covid19 and pneumonia, it rules and controls us all. Whatever you call it, or whatever it is, we're being massively forced into some kind of slumber right now.
School life takes place at home at the kitchen table, working from home turns out to be much more intensive than normal office life and the daily trip to the supermarket is now the outing of the day. All this to allow the virus that is now circulating to rage at such a pace that it can still be kept up for the doctors, hospitals and carers.

As a result, our social life is now completely turned upside down. Restaurants, pubs, bars, bistros, coffee shops, lunchrooms, but also hotels and many shops are closed.
Meeting and receiving friends and family is not recommended, so we are quite dependent on our families and partners.

Although we are less tempted from the outside to give in to a fresh beer on a spring terrace, or a sparkling white wine in that nice beach bar where you can enjoy the afternoon sun, it is sometimes difficult to resist a drink, even in a homely environment. situations.
Of course I am now very aware of what alcohol does to me and my body, and I am convinced that it is actually a substance that you should not consume, because the statistics and science do not lie. But it remains something I can really long for on a regular basis and which I still really like, even though I know it's not 'healthy', certainly not for me.

Yes!! Over the past few months I have noticed very clearly the differences in my body, how I slept and woke up and how I felt in general.
I feel fitter and more energetic, and I'm happy about that
But at the same time I'm also in the middle of a disease process, I have trouble getting back to normal life and I simply can't go on as I would like. Apparently that needs more time. I also regularly fall into pitfalls in areas where I have set certain rules for myself, which I want to comply with and I have physical complaints that sometimes arise purely because certain thoughts and feelings reinforce each other.
Habits remain and prove difficult to change.

So it's really not all great and hallelujah and that is of course not only due to whether or not drinking alcohol, but also very much to my personal situation.
Still, I am very happy and a little proud that I have survived for almost 3 months so far, except for one holiday week and a conscious 'sinful moment'.
I am now doing something that I never thought I could last that long and in the meantime it really feels like something good. It is a eye opener for myself and my environment, with lasting consequences. A kind of consciousness that has been awakened and which prompts me to be able to say 'no' without feeling uncomfortable.
And what could be more beautiful than to live with a good self-image and especially in harmony with yourself.

I would almost say: "We'll toast to that!!" But of course with an alcohol-free drink

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