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January 16, 2023 / Topical / Blog Linda

Although my thoughts now often went to a nice glass of red wine, I could still control myself. It was a week full of challenges and also challenges that normally gave me a glass of wine in the evenings. As comfort or as relaxation after a busy day.

I think I'm starting to notice that that glass of wine gave me a restless night, because I've been sleeping like a baby for a number of nights, while I'm normally a very bad sleeper.

Could this really be due to not drinking? Could the alcohol really cause such poor sleep at night? While I've also known times when I thought I couldn't sleep without a glass of wine in the evening. Because that made me tired... I don't understand it anymore.

Hopefully the coming weeks will confirm or disprove these thoughts. We will see.

I got through the first party of this year on Saturday easier than I expected. It turned out that several people participated in Dry January and no one made a fuss about my choice of drink. Why should they? I also never pay attention to what someone is drinking, so why would anyone think it's weird that I drink soda all night?

I still think that's a thing at a party, I've noticed. I still have to find my way in what I can drink. Don't want to ingest sugars either. And to sit with tea all evening, that is also not an option. I tried spa red, which I don't really like. But it is a bit different than just water all the time. Cola zero is poured into a glass and then I cannot see or taste whether it is normal cola. And I definitely don't want that.

So that's what I'm still looking for, a nice non-alcoholic drink for a party. Any tips?

On Sunday I ended the week with a nice painting workshop. Together with my good friend Evelien who has been 'dry' since November 24, as she says herself. I think it's very clever of her, she really is someone who goes 100% for what she wants and I know that not drinking is a very big task for her. Am very proud of her. Her motivation? Non-congenital brain injury due to an accident. Her complaints have become significantly less now that she no longer drinks. I never knew that alcohol use can also play such a major role in NAH patients!

Four kilos lighter on the scale now and all in all I think the first 2 weeks of my Dry January have been a very positive experience so far. And exploring what it does to myself. We're going dooooorrrr!! On to week three!


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