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25 Feb 2020 / Topical / Blog Linda

My name is Linda and I am a 45 year old self employed retail business.
I have a shoe store and also sell bags, scarves, purses and other accessories. This store is located in Egmond aan Zee, a real coastal town where many holidaymakers, tourists and day trippers come. My husband is also self-employed, owns a masonry business and does such heavy physical work that he cannot afford not to be in good physical condition.

The road to 'IkPas'

We have lived permanently in France for 7 years, which was preceded by a period of about 5 years, during which I had a wine shop and we could also be found in France a lot.
Even once we had settled back in the Netherlands, after our time in France, we still maintained our 'French lifestyle' for quite a long time and so we actually drank much more alcohol for years than was good for us.
About three years ago we started thinking about it more consciously and we didn't drink from Monday to Thursday. Because I find it very difficult to drink a little… 1 glass quickly becomes 1½ glass, and that quickly becomes two or more. In this way we gradually became more aware of our (bad) habits and once you think about it, it is only a small step to realize that you are actually much more addicted than you dared to admit all along.
I made a decision for myself, started to delve into it and my decision took shape: in January 2019 I participated in IkPas.

The reality today

Last fall I was diagnosed with breast cancer and now that I'm getting out of this valley, I (us) has turned a big button. I have been participating in IkPas since the beginning of January 2020, and I allow myself a modest 'break' from the break during the spring break. Immediately after the holiday I want to fanatically continue my 'IkPas' period.
In my blogs (which can also be read on I would like to share what my vision is, how I apply changes and what that does to me and/or my environment. Are you reading along?!


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