Ready for the final sprint

On to the finish line! I'm actually quite proud of myself right now. There have been so many times in the past period when I had drunk alcohol. News reports that a large percentage of people have started drinking more in this corona time and that January is really a very difficult month not to drink alcohol, strengthen me in my perseverance.

Leaving alcohol alone makes me think more and more about my use before, my need now and my intentions for the future. I deliberately bought a lot of 0.0% beers in the offer with the idea to choose this option more often after January. Not because you have to…but because it feels right. Making the choice, knowing that alcohol is unhealthy.

Somehow I'm afraid I'm going back to my old pattern too soon. I know that environment and company have a lot of influence on this and as I wrote before… for me it is also part of fun and enjoyment.

And maybe a small addition to the arguments for participating this month… I also want to show my children that alcohol is not always necessary and that I can do without it (;)).

So… the fridge is again filled with ingredients for tasty 0.0 drinks, the motivation is there and I notice a clear change in my habitual behavior and the 'feel for' alcohol. So bring on that last period!


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