Everything under control

Halfway!! And I'll start with a confession...I drank an (alcohol) beer yesterday. I say this quite proudly…strangely enough. That's because I really thought about it, weighed it up and weighed it up, and ultimately chose it consciously.

It feels okay, because I had the sense of control and felt that I could deal with this choice. No second beer, no shame or guilt and picked up the thread again this morning.

It goes on its way. I notice that the habit of drinking alcohol is starting to wear off. The need diminishes, just like the situations in which I would otherwise reach for a drink. It feels pretty successful to me so far. It strengthens me that I can 'just' do it.

Every year I get special reactions when I tell people in my environment that I don't drink alcohol for a month. 'Huh…why???', 'Not in the winter anyway??', 'Pfff, easy. But I'm not participating'.

I find that it makes them think about their own use and they probably wonder if they could sustain it themselves.

I must confess that I am also looking forward to a number of moments when I will start drinking alcohol again. That to me is still associated with fun. That remains my Flemish character.

For the last half I immersed myself in tasty alternatives. Unfortunately I can only find 1 successful 0.0% beer. So I started experimenting with ginger syrup, tonic, mint, gingerale… Very festive looking creations come out of the box.

I'm excited for the next two weeks. And tomorrow I'll have to weigh myself… Who knows??!


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