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After the 30-day IkPas challenge, I have now registered for the 40-day IkPas challenge in February. After some hesitation, we decided to go for it. The 30 days went fairly easy for me, you know when it ends, namely January 30th, which for me (übergeorganized person) ensured that I could keep it up fairly easily.

During these 30 days I thought that a completely alcohol-free life might be an option. I say maybe because I love champagne. In and out, there is always a reason for me to open a bottle of bubbly.

As a lifestyle coach I know better than anyone that alcohol and a healthy and fit life are not really friends. And at my age (soon to be 58), alcohol hits harder the next morning than, say, 20 years ago. Without alcohol it is also a lot nicer the next day in the gym (in my case the CrossFit box), I can tell you.

My goal with this IkPas challenge is to discover whether I want to choose to leave the alcohol completely. Difficult moments will certainly come, including a weekend away with our oldest son and his partner. All four of us are quite Burgundian, and I mean Burgundian including bubbles, cocktails and wine.

What also does not make it easy is that we are in the middle of a renovation, our farmhouse is getting a makeover. After a stressful day (think loud music from the workmen, and a hundred and one choices you have to make) it is normally wonderful to drink a glass of wine at the end of the day, so that is not possible during the challenge… ..


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