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January 12, 2021 / Topical / Blog Judith

Second week

Is it easier for me, because I've been alcohol-free for over three months? Or is it easier if you still see improvement in your skin, your weight, your sleep every day?

It's a weird idea to think that it might have been nicer if you drank every day before instead of just one night a week. How would you suddenly notice the benefits of not drinking.

But everyone will have their own reasons for participating in IkPas. Maybe you saw your alcohol use as a huge problem and you want to change it structurally. Maybe you just want to experience what a month alcohol-free does to your body and mind.

For me, it wasn't a huge problem, I only drank one evening a week and was able to function normally, but I did find it a problem myself. That you already reserve the Sunday to rest from your drinking from Saturday evening is just a huge shame. By being alcohol-free, I just got a seventh of my life as a gift!


But what are we going to do now instead of drinking wine?

I find it easiest to behave completely the other way around. Remove lenses, remove make-up, add a can of coke and a bowl of chips and watch movies on Netflix. Don't go to bed too late and wake up completely refreshed.

In this way a year and a half ago I managed to work the Friday out of my system as a 'let's go have a drink' day quite easily!

By the way, I thought to myself that it could seem easy, because Friday was always followed by a 'let's have a drink' Saturday!

Now that I no longer drink at all from September 26, I can of course also start to behave like this on Saturday: remove my lenses, remove make-up, add a can of cola and a bowl of chips, etc. But a bit of variety in life is welcome!

Fortunately, over time it has become more and more normal not to drink on Saturdays.

Then the time comes when you can go a step further in breaking your habits.

For example, try going to dinner and not drinking. What helped me with this was to realize that you enjoy the food itself much more, if it isn't clouded by the alcohol you drink with it. Also try to break your alcohol habit with a nice evening out with family and friends. My experience is that I'm just as under the table laughing when playing '30seconds' if I don't drink wine with it.


Finally, I think I really need a certain structure. Just look at my previous structure of staying sober Sunday through Friday and drinking wine on Saturday.

Then it is best to build in a new structure.

So from Sunday through Thursday, I fill up the motion and workout rings on the Apple Watch. In addition to the calories that I do not get from the wines, I now also train a number of them!

Great, a new structure in my life that is a lot healthier!



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