I stand at the counter preparing my breakfast. Around me a busy back and forth of gentlemen with sandwiches.

I try to sprinkle some of the contents of a kilo bag into an espresso cup. At least half ends up next to it on the granite. I can't get around it, motorically I am Mr. bean.

All I have to do is open the fridge or something will fall out of the door. Usually resulting in a combination of shards and sticky goo. Or unloading the dishwasher, 'pok' there I knock another chip off a glass.

Standing here thoughtfully at the strewn countertop makes me think of last week.

I was allowed to have my annual audience with the practice nurse again because of my blood pressure. I will receive a written invitation for this. The invitation comes with a questionnaire. And that questionnaire gives me headaches. Every year again. I understand the purpose of the questions but I can't imagine that this will provide the desired information. Something with lifestyle and whether it is healthy.

We start with the smoking question. haha! That one is easy. I don't smoke and never have. Check!

“Do you exercise regularly? Do you eat varied? Enough vegetables?” Check, check, check. But then…

“Do you drink alcohol on a daily basis?” huh? Every year I wonder if I'm reading this correctly.

I know that I will at least meet the 'excessive drinker' criterion. But there is no lack of clouded judgment in people who do like a glass.

Again I read the question: “Do you drink alcohol on a daily basis?” And the follow-up question: “If so, how much?” I would never fill in unfairly, at most adjust it down a bit.

But what's so crazy? The emergency exit is wide open! No, I don't drink alcohol every day. Fragmented through the weeks, there is always a day when I manage to be strict with myself. Usually after I've made too much of it, by the way. Moreover, I am now dry for an entire IkPas period.

“No,” I say resolutely.

That was last week. Now I'm in the kitchen trying to figure out how to find all the seeds. They hide on the dark surfaces of the granite. Because my blood pressure was high again, I scoured the internet for nutrition tips. That's how I end up with consuming linseed. That is why I am now fiddling with a cup every morning with a measuring cup and a mortar.

Where I used to start the day with a sandwich with coconut bread or chocolate sprinkles or apple syrup, I am now busy with cranberries, walnuts, Greek yogurt and recently linseed.

The eldest son is smiling. “You look like a fit girl!”

He leans relaxed on the counter with a cheese sandwich in hand.

Once I posted a failed pancake with holes on Instagram that read “Diet Pancake”. The joke passed a number of ladies in sportswear. The “fit girls” applauded me. We had a good laugh about that.

I just love extensive dining with nice wines.

But not now. I take a seat at the table with my breakfast. It's the closest thing to wet cement. I'm working on this for a while, but it's for a good cause..

Tip from Francis:

Have a good laugh? Here are some YouTube viewing tips:

wire steel has many fun, short skits. Especially this one with the pastor is very appropriate

I love click bite. Then don't skip the fitgirl vlogs.




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