Pleasant: self-employed and Burgundian Debbie

My name is Debbie. I recently started living in a lovely wooded area in Rosmalen, together with husband Bastiaan, son Niels and our cat Bella. Work and private life are intermingled on a daily basis – Bas and I work on our company from home. After 7 years we have found our own rhythm in this and we like it very much. This is also my biggest challenge: we are both Burgundian people and a reason for a tasty snack and drink is quickly found. I walk daily, often in the woods of course, but I also really enjoy an urban environment. Other interests include running, reading, museum visits and improv theatre.    

At the end of December I decided to join IkPas in January. Several things came together. For example, my wine had become a bit too self-evident for me as a weekday evening drink. Was it time to lose the extra pounds of 2019. Was there a new running challenge on the program in 2020: the 10 kilometers. I noticed that I found it difficult to stick to the maximum two drinks for me. At parties, especially when I don't have to drive, I find it very difficult to keep up with that delicious wine. Result: restless sleep, lying awake, hot flashes (yes) and therefore not a good start to the next day. Time for change. By participating in IkPas I was able to say no to the wines offered without discussion. 

Dingdong round 2 for Debbie!

That first round went really well, especially to my own surprise. I only had a handful of moments when I found it difficult – just for a moment – to say no. easypeasy. But yes, lately it is easy to put a drink on the table again. And in a few days Carnival will start in Oeteldonk. We mainly celebrate this during the day and we certainly don't get tired of it, but a beer is part of it. The challenges in my second IkPas period are mainly the spontaneous moments when Bas and I feel like going into the city (or our new village) together, this time without the familiar beer or wine. This period also lasts longer than the previous one and everyone has long forgotten their New Year's resolutions. So a bit more is being asked of me than in the first round. I am therefore very curious if I can 'swift' through it that easily again. 


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