5 relaxation tips from IkPas participants

Clearing your head after an intensive day was apparently successful in the past thanks to your favorite alcoholic drink. Now you are sitting on the couch and looking for that same relaxed feeling. These IkPas participants have found other ways to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind them. 

Cooking, walking and sunbathing

Anne van Oosterhout: “For me it was really 'a thing' to stop drinking my beloved wine. Still, I took the plunge and stopped. I don't beat around the bush and do the things I would otherwise do, but now without a glass of wine. I like to cook for example and what also gives me relaxation is walking and lying under the sunbed for half an hour. Only positive things: eating healthy, getting a breath of fresh air outside and getting a nice tan. And all with a clear head!”

Cuddling with the dog and diamond painting

Mariska de Koning: “Normally I do indeed drink that glass of wine after a hard day's work, but during this break my moments of relaxation look different. What I now like to do for relaxation is cuddling with my dog and 'diamond painting'; preferably with my daughter. The latter is tricky work and I thought in advance that it really wouldn't be for me, but I started it at the beginning of January and it is, however ironic, addictive; I always want to go a little further. That is a nice addition to my evening, all the more because there is a lot of alcohol in programs and commercials on television and that is not exactly motivating. It seems as if drinking alcohol is just as 'normal' as our daily bread!”

Reading, series and sports

Sarida van der Meer: “I relax best by reading a book or watching a series. I also like to exercise and I like to walk or do sports. Afterwards I treat myself with a nice latte. Very occasionally I catch myself looking a bit jealous at my hubby's filled wine glass, but then I think very hard about the health benefits and I pour myself a wine glass with ginger ale.”

Long evening walks

Eline Kooi: “Relaxation tips? Wonderful long evening walks… you will sleep at least as well as with a glass of wine. And the dog is also very happy with it ;-)”

Extra attention for the animals

Monique van der Meer-Bakker: “We have animals and they now receive a lot of extra attention. The horses are cleaned daily and the dogs last extra long outside. The chores that are left during the day, I do in the evening. So I don't have time at all to have a glass of wine in the evening :)

And what do you do to relax now that you have temporarily stopped drinking alcohol?
Let us know in a comment!


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