IkPas participants and their (new) leisure activities

The fact that not drinking saves time is a nice advantage. We asked you to share with us what this 'new free time' is spent on. Maybe you can be found for hours in the woods, are you carpentering the attic, have you started a new course or are you working on your business plan in the evenings? Four participants tell.


Since a year I have found a new hobby and that is crochet. During my breaks I have more energy in the evenings and I am not sleepy from the many wines, so I have plenty of time to start new crochet projects!

Gemma van Ruyven

Socializing and walking

Since I 'Pass', I wake up every free morning at 7:30 instead of around 12 noon. Also I don't lie in front of pampus all day, so I have now gained 1 or 2 days to do nothing! Or actually, to be grumpy because I don't know what to do. This has changed to getting cups of coffee from friends or walking in the woods of The Hague. A tour through the meadows and even sports! A real creative hobby has not yet been found, although I have finally been able to perform many chores around the house. In the future I will pick up my photography hobby again.

So it's actually a lot more than I thought. Although it is occupational therapy, it is a lot of fun!

Kim in 't Veld 

playing trombone

I didn't get any extra free time, but I did get more energy to learn to play the trombone!

Irma Bakker 

Working productively

I saw your call on Facebook, in which you asked people to share their new hobby or pastime. This year I'm participating in IkPas for the second time, and although it was a bit tough in the beginning, it's easy for me now. I notice the benefits, more than last year: I sleep better, have more energy and feel fitter.
And yes, those evenings! Where I used to collapse on the couch with a beer (or two, or three of course…) I am now energetic and clear on the couch. I enjoy the focus that this brings and I read a good book or watch a nice series, but there have also been a number of evenings that I have enjoyed working for my own company. Those clear evenings are perfect for writing a newsletter, promoting my workshop or designing a flyer!
As a coach I help people take good care of themselves and it feels good to take extra good care of myself this month. I put some of the energy that this generates back into my company, so that I can help even more people feel better and more energetic. That alcohol-free month not only brings me a lot, but I also make the world a bit more beautiful. How cool is that?
Monique Dorst


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