This is how you deal with overheating in the car

17 Jul 2022 / Topical / Background

So it's hot this week. And when the mercury rises outside, it is necessary to keep a cool head. Especially in the car. Because driving in a car with an internal temperature that is too high is just as great a risk as driving under the influence of alcohol. Did you know that an interior temperature of 35°C corresponds to 0.5 promille alcohol in the blood?

If you are in the car and it is 27 plus degrees, you run the risk of suffering from fatigue, concentration problems and shortness of breath. Symptoms you can miss like a toothache. You always have to be there with your head in the car. What can you do about an overheated car?

ARKO: All Windows Can Open

Provide proper ventilation. The window in the back and the window in the front open a bit and everything ventilates well.

AIRCO: Not too low and drink well

You can use the air conditioning optimally if it is set 5°C lower than the outside temperature. Make sure you drink enough, because air conditioning ensures dry air. It is therefore a good idea to bring a bottle of water. Buy some refreshment wipes right away.

Airy clothes

Dress yourself and any children lightly. And preferably, especially if children are riding along, not during the hottest hours of the day (between 12:00 and 15:00).

Towel on dashboard

Cover the dashboard with a towel. A dashboard absorbs heat. At 31 degrees, the contact temperature on the dashboard can rise to 92 degrees. Such a dashboard then works like a radiant heater in the car.


To make things as comfortable as possible for those in the backseat, attach sunshades to the rear windows. This saves somewhat in heat and the people in the back seat do not look into the bright light. If you park the car - take into account the position of the sun and which way it turns - and want to leave it for a while, it is wise to cover the windscreen.

Open doors

Is it time to go again? Then first open the doors for a few minutes and let the fan/air conditioning run on the highest setting, so that the worst heat is expelled. Source:


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