Wednesday Alcohol and traffic facts

Alcohol and traffic is not a good combination. So far nothing new. But do you also know when exactly you are in violation? And what about intoxicated on the bike? Is that punishable? We will come with answers on this Wednesday.

Driving under the influence

Getting behind the wheel with a sip is not wise. But when is a sip really one sip too much? If you drive a vehicle, you must not have more than 0.5 per mille alcohol in your blood, such as a car or motorcycle. Are you getting a breathalyzer? Then you are punishable by more than 220 micrograms of alcohol per liter of air.

For novice drivers this is not 0.5 permille but 0.2 permille in the blood and not 220 micrograms but 88 micrograms in a breathalyzer test. By novice driver we mean:

-Under 24 years on a moped or moped.

- Less than 5 years in possession of a driver's license for a car or motorcycle.

Cycling under the influence

You would think: if you are under the influence, it is better to take a bicycle than get behind the wheel of a car. But that kite won't fly. So whether you go to that birthday party, pub or festival by bike, scooter or car: there is a maximum limit on how much a driver can drink.

Alcohol limit cyclists

You may not have more than 0.5 promille alcohol in your blood for driving a car or motorcycle. And when driving a bicycle or scooter, the alcohol content in your blood may not exceed 0.5 per mille.

How many glasses of beer represent 0.5 per mille?

Exactly how much you can drink depends on your gender, build and weight. But there is a rule of thumb: as an ordinary (experienced) car driver you can drink (approximately) 2 glasses of beer, as a novice driver at most 1 glass of beer. For a novice driver, a blood alcohol level of 0.2 applies.

On foot under the influence

There is no legal alcohol limit for pedestrians. However, the police can make an official report for public intoxication of a pedestrian. The police then do not take a breath or blood test, but rely on the outward appearance of drunkenness and the behavior of the pedestrian. Source:


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