Gain surprising insights during your break period

Now that you've almost reached the finish line of the bridging challenge, you may have already tasted one or more of the benefits. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who sleeps better, you have already managed to put a nice amount on the side or you are suddenly two kilos lighter. In addition to all these advantages, you may also have come to a number of insights. Which one applies to you?

Your weekends are yours again

Staying up late, drinking just one (or two, or three) glasses too many, feeling tired, hungover and listless the next day… When you don't drink for a period of time, you may find that a hangover-free weekend is actually very relaxing. You get a lot more done in a day (because no headaches), you suddenly have time for a forgotten hobby or you find out that you don't like drinking every weekend as much as you thought you did.

It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks

Before the corona crisis set in, you probably regularly had something social on the schedule. Hopefully we can and will be able to go to parties and other fun situations again later. Not drinking can cause quite a bit of social stress. Would I still be able to enjoy a party? Would it give me more pleasure or less? What attitude do I take at a party? Will people still like me if I don't drink?

Here's the truth: you'll never know what people really think of you and if you spend all your energy figuring it out, you'll always be relying on their opinion and validation. Some people support your decision, others find it uncomfortable. anyhow. A break is all about balance, rest, reflection, awareness or whatever it is you are looking for. And if you feel the desired feeling, that's what counts.

Now that the social agenda remains empty for the time being, it is important to keep your head up. Stay strong, keep yourself busy (go outside or pick up an old hobby) and don't let boredom set in. After all, boredom can make you long for old familiar things, such as that glass of alcohol. Especially in this time it is important that you take optimal care of your body inside.

You feel everything and that's okay

For many of us, consciously or unconsciously, alcohol can become a substitute for dealing with difficult emotions or stressful times like these. Whether it's stress, sadness, anger, frustration, or whatever, it can sometimes be hard to discern whether you want to drink recreationally versus numb emotions. Now that you temporarily stop drinking, everything comes in immediately. Hopefully during this period you also learn that you survive every feeling. In fact, not drinking gives you the chance to go through and process emotions more easily. After all, alcohol doesn't cure grief, it just postpones and possibly heightens it.

A break period can therefore also provide you with a surprisingly different insight in addition to the 'standard benefits'. You get to know yourself a little better. Look, that's a nice profit!



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