Increase the walking pleasure with a walking app

During the lockdown(s) we (re)discovered our own environment. Hiking is (again) very popular. By now you know your own neighborhood like the back of your hand. Have you perhaps even moved to a nice nature reserve? With a walking app you get to places that you would otherwise not get quickly.

Why a walking app?

You can map out your own route. Even then you will come to beautiful places where there is plenty to see. The advantage of a walking app is that you don't have to figure out the route yourself. The app also points out places of interest along the way: natural phenomena, historic buildings or special architecture. If you enjoy walking with your (young) children, you can use an app with quiz questions and games for on the go.

The benefits of a walking app

Hiking apps are gaining in popularity and for good reason.

  • Thanks to a walking app, you can go to places you might not otherwise come and see things you wouldn't see otherwise. If you want, you can add your own route to some apps.
  • No more hassle with crumpled maps, thick guides or faltering GPS device.
  • Most apps are free. You can also use the routes as often as you want and share them with everyone.
It has been proven that movement, so also to walk, is good for the resistance† It blood is better transported throughout your body, waste products are removed and you also promote the oxygen uptake† And if that wasn't enough: you also walk in the bunch, then you score extra points. A scientific study shows that the activity of the White blood cells increases when you take a walk through a nature reserve. And white blood cells are important for the functioning of us again immune system† So that's a double win! Source:


  • Bring a wireless charger in case your battery runs out during the hike.
  • In case you run out of route information, also make sure you have a backup map, guide or GPS device.
  • Mute your phone if you don't need to hear every notification from the app.

read here more about the top 10 hiking apps. Each hiking app is provided with a short summary.




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