From Dry Dating to Dry Wedding

Nowadays we do a lot of things nice and 'dry'. We regularly have a dry month, and it is also 'dry' more often than not when it comes to love. We now date 'dry' and even get married more often 'dry'. Or is that not all a bit too dry? Not if you've read all these benefits.

Dry dating was a real trend in 2022. And that is easy to understand. Read on.

Wonderfully clear…head

Alcohol may suppress the worst nerves, (too much) alcohol can also make you looser than you actually want. Maybe you say things that you don't want to share (yet). By not drinking alcohol, you keep a clear head and you know exactly what you are saying and doing.

you see what you see

Your judgment will also remain intact. After a few drinks, your image of your date can literally and figuratively get clouded. Maybe you like your date a lot more after so many wines or beers than without the alcohol… The next day you don't really know what you really thought of your date.

Nice to be yourself

A few glasses of alcohol can boost your confidence, but alcohol can also make you overconfident. Stories are exaggerated, the volume goes up and you ask (personal) questions that come a little too early for your date. In short; you lose the real contact and your date doesn't get to know the real you.

Boss above boss

That was 2022. In 2023 we'll take it a step further. We take Dry Dating to a higher level. The trend of 2023 is: the Dry Wedding. Admittedly, this trend is mainly limited to America. But as is often the case with trends in America, it is only a matter of time that this trend also reaches the Netherlands.

According to the TV show Good Morning America #drywedding already more than 3 million views on TikTok. About 4% of American bridal couples would opt for an alcohol-free party this year. The motives behind such a sober party? Religious beliefs, to reduce costs or reduce the risk of drunk guests. A little closer to home, the Belgian presenter and writer Evi Hanssen - who stopped drinking alcohol 3 years ago - gave a partly alcohol-free wedding. Since she doesn't drink, but he does, it became a 50/50 wedding. For example, the guests sipped non-alcoholic cava at the toast moment.

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